Finding perfect swimwear, that would flatter our bodies and match our style may be a challenge. We are here to help you. We affirm body-positivity, so the first and the most important rule is: choose what you like and what makes you feel good. However, if you want to emphasize your body strengths and at the same time distract from other parties, you can use our tips, which we will gladly share below.

It is important to know what your body type is and according to this knowledge find swimsuits and bikinis that would accentuate, reveal, boost or camouflage the body parts you need. Rio de Sol has plenty of swimwear options, bikini tops and bottoms that apart from being beautiful and trendy, can also functional and work to your advantage.

The main goal to achieve is to BALANCE AND HARMONIZE YOUR BODY.

Let’s use geometric figures to make our imagination work and start with the triangle body type.

Triangle body type is also called very often as pear-shaped body type or A body type. They all mean the same and these are its main characteristics:

- Your shoulders are narrower than your hips
- Your top body part is rather small, which includes a small bust
- Your waist is well defined
- You have full hips and very often full thighs

Rio de Sol recommends:
- Tops that accentuate and boost your chest and shoulders such as padded bikini tops and padded swimsuits, underwire, push-up, frills. flounces and eye-catching colors and patterns.
- Bottoms that will not draw attention to your bum, nor they will enhance the size of your hips. Use fixed bikini bottoms, in colors that are not too bright or in patterns that are rather calm and moderate.
- Apply the same rule to swimsuits and choose the ones that boost your top part and camouflage your bottom.
Rio de Sol advice: a beautiful sarong to tie around your hips is a very feminine, trendy and practical beach accessory for you!

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Now let’s discuss the opposite situation: an inverted triangle body type.

You will also find it called: an athletic body type or V-shaped body as your top part dominated your bottom. How to recognize this shape?

- Your shoulders are wider than your hips
- Your lower body part is rather small, which includes narrow hips and slim long legs
- Your waist is not well defined
- You have wide shoulders and a sporty figure

Rio de Sol recommends:
- Tops that will not draw attention to your wide shoulders. One-shoulder tops will work to your advantage. Try as well halter bikini tops, tops with a scoop or square neck. If you have a generous bust do not hesitate to use underwire tops. Chose calm colors and patterns.
- Your bikini bottoms should optically boost your bum, so go for frills, flounces, side-ties, scrunches and all that increase volume. Do not forget to use eye-catching colors and bold patterns.
- Try asymmetric swimsuits and monokinis.
Rio de Sol advice: an asymmetric one-piece swimsuit will fit you perfectly!

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The next figure to talk about is a rectangle body type.

This body type is often called slender body type or H body type. It is quite balanced and harmonious however doesn’t have many curves. These are its mean features:

- Your shoulder and hips are narrow but balanced
- Your figure is rather boyish, without a well-defined waist
- You have a small bum, hips and breasts.
- You are slender

Rio de Sol recommends:
- Tops that will increase your chest, that will create an optical illusion of a fuller cleavage and a more generous bust. Use padded swimwear, frills, flounces, eye-catching colors and patterns. Push-up tops are for you as well as ripple triangular padded bikini tops and flounced bandeau.
- Bottoms should also optically increase your bum, so go for scrunch bikini bottoms, flounces, skirts, side ties and all the colors that draw attention.
- Try monokinis, as they create beautiful shapes and the illusion of a well-defined waist. You will also look great in padded swimsuits, V necklines, belts or prints at your waistline, flounces, tassels and ties at the swimsuit bottoms.
Rio de Sol advice: Try a monokini with a padded top and side-tie bottom! A WOW effect guaranteed!

Rio de Sol has a wide range of bikinis and swimsuits perfect for slender bodies.

Now the time has come for the round body type.

We call this silhouette an apple-shaped body or an O body type. This shape is quite characteristic and you may recognize it by:

- Generous chest, in other words, large bust
- Narrow hips and slender legs
- Full midsection
- Flat bum

Rio de Sol recommends:
- Go for tops with wide straps and underwire that will ensure proper support for your breasts. A halter top is also a good idea for you. One of the best options is a tankini. Choose calm colors and patterns.
- Choose a high waist or larger side bikini bottom. Opt for fixed or hipster models. You can try colors and patterns that draw attention.
- One-piece swimsuits are made for you! You can try high leg models that will accentuate your great legs. Thicker straps and underwire will provide you with proper support for your chest and make your cleavage look wonderful. Try solid colors or an all-over print.
Rio de Sol advice: Try a tummy-slimming pattern on your swimsuits. Shaping patterns around your waistline will create an optical illusion of a well-defined waist.

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Let’s move to 8 body shaped women.

We call this figure a full hourglass as well. It is a very feminine body shape, curvy and simply lovely! The main characteristics of 8 shaped ladies are:

- Generous thighs and hips
- Harmonious and curvy shapes
- Well define the waist
- Larger shoulders and hips, but asymmetrical.

Rio de Sol recommends:
- Tops with built-in support for your busts such as underwire, pads or wider straps. Rather calm and moderate tones and patterns. A balconette, a halter top or a bandeau with a strap around your neck is a great choice for you. Keep it simple. Do not use flounces or frills in order not to enlarge your top part.
- Tou should choose fixed models, hipster bikini bottoms or high-waisted bikini briefs. Larger side bikini bottoms are also a good option. Again, do not add volume to your body by keeping it simple: no additional volumizing details are necessary.
- You will look great in one-piece swimsuits, preferably in solid colors or moderate patterns with built-in breast support.
Rio de Sol advice: Go for a retro style! Try to find a bikini set or a swimsuit that will bring to your mind beautiful vintage movie starts, a pin-up girl swimwear style is made for you!

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Last but not least: the legendary hourglass shaped body!

An hourglass silhouette is often called X body type. Probably this is the ideal shape that many women want to achieve. Why?
- It is balanced and harmonious
- Feminine and slim
- Shoulders are of the same width as the hips
- The waist is well defined

Rio de Sol recommends:
- You can use any top you want. You will look great in triangle bikinis, halter tops and bandeau. Off-the-shoulder, tops will also look fantastic on you. Choose colors and patterns in your favorite tones and hues.
- Any bottom will good on you: fixed or side-tie, high waist and high leg. Modern and vintage. Choose the colors you like.
- You will look great in one-piece swimsuits, simple bodies, plunging necklines and monokinis.
Rio de Sol advice: Remember not to disturb the beautiful harmony of your body by over accentuating one of your body parts!

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